What Boots You Should Choose for Horse Riding

Boots are a stylish fashion statement these days. However, more than being fashionable footwear, boots are a significant part of proper horse riding attire. Similar to athletes and workers who don the right footwear during work or training, the same could be said for horseback riders. Along with all other kinds of specialized gear, when choosing the right type of boots for equestrians, the first rule is to emphasize the importance of safety.

The Right Kind of Boots for Riding

There are different styles of horseriding boots to choose from. However, before even considering these, it is more important to select a riding boot with the right kind of proportions. Proper riding boots ideally have a small tread and heels that measure between one inch and one and a half inches. These dimensions are the best for riding boots as they aid the rider in preventing their boots from slipping from the stirrups. Hiking boots or boots used for snow-related activities are generally not suitable for riding although they are more than good enough for stable work. Hiking and snow boots tend to be wider than riding boots and have boxy toes which might be dangerous to riders as the toe part of the boot might get caught on the sides of stirrups. Also, snow and hiking boots give the wearers a good grip, but this is a bad combination for equestrians as the boots will be harder to navigate in and out of the stirrup. The material of the riding boot is another essential consideration. Good riding boots are typically made of leather although they will require proper maintenance for the boots to last. They might be more expensive as the quality of the leather and the comfort and support level rises. However, they will be an excellent long-term investment for serious and passionate horse riders.

Different Styles of Riding Boots

One style that is recommended for riding boots is the Western-style boots. They can be distinguished from the English-styled ones from their moderately higher heels. However, take note that some varieties of western boots have crepe soles, which can also pose a problem for sliding the foot through the stirrup. For equestrians who prefer riding in half chaps, Western-style ankle height boots are recommended as they provide both stability and protection. English boot styles are trendy and come in several varieties. One of t most popular is the traditional dress boots which are tall and black. They are commonly seen in movies portraying British hunting scenes set in ancient times. They are also usually spotted at present in dressage rings and riding events.

Riding Boots

Majority of trail and backyard riders prefer the tall English boots as they provide excellent protection and support. However, for riders who find the tall variety of English-style boots troublesome and hot to wear, the English field boot variety is a good alternative. Aside from the conventional Western and English boot styles, nowadays, running shoe boot styles are also becoming popular. They are the boot style preferred by trail riders over long distances as they are durable and comfortable but provides extra support as well for the ankles and the soles. They can be the choice for equestrians aspiring for a casual riding look.