Posting A Trot – Equestrian Sports for Beginners

You might have thought that riding a trotting horse isn’t comfortable if you’ve ridden one before. The trotting horse’s trot is rough so you might be wondering how you can make it smoother. The way to make it smoother is called posting, which means you lift yourself from the saddle for every other of the forelegs of the horse’s stride. Doing this will make the rough bounces smooth out. If you smooth out the trots, then you’ll have a more comfortable ride. Here is how you can post trots like a pro.

Try Going Straight First

Making your horse go straight is the best way for a beginner to learn how to post a trot, and it’s also the most natural thing for a horse to do. Going in a straight line will let you learn how to stay on the horse when you’re learning how to trot.

Prepare Using Two-Point

Try doing a two-point sitting position as practice. Make your bottom rise off the saddle, then tense your thighs to hold on. Keep your stance under your control using your muscles, but don’t use your arms or hands to keep yourself balanced.

Give Your Horse A Cue For Trotting

Before you give your horse a cue to trot, keep yourself relaxed, and make sure you are secured to your horse. Depending on the horse, giving the horse a light pressure with your legs, pushing down on the saddle, or tapping with your heels is the cue you should provide to the horse to trot.

Find The Rhythm Of The Bumps

When you get your horse to trot steadily, relax and try to feel the bumps and try to see how much it thrusts you into the air. The thrusts the horse gives you is the impulsion. If the horse’s impulsion is strong, then you will rise off the saddle. On the other hand, if the impulsion isn’t strong at all, then you’ll have an easy time handling the trots.

Smooth Out The Rhythm You Found

When you find the rhythm, try raising yourself, then lowering yourself to it. Adjust as needed, and keep going as your horse keeps on trotting. Keep yourself aligned with the rhythm, so you don’t get punished by the horse’s thrusts.

Don’t Move Your Legs

Focus on having your legs stay still from below your knee. When you lift, don’t use your toes, don’t use your knees to grip so much, don’t swing your legs at all, and don’t let your feet move towards the horse. There are a lot of mistakes beginners do, so make sure you keep yourself in the proper position.

Try To Use The Reins

Once you’re able to keep yourself in the rhythm and you’re ready to post the trots without difficulty, you should now try to use the reins to turn the horse yourself. Be careful, as you will have to make sure that your hands stay steady. Keep your hands steady as your body rises and falls to the trots. Try your best to make sure your hands don’t move at all.

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 Keep practicing, and if you get enough practice, you will see that you can post the trots without many issues,