How to Handle an Unruly Horse

When handling a horse, the horse should be taught how to have basic manners. There are also a few manners the horse should have when being ridden. An example of one of the manners the horse should have is that they should stand still while the rider is getting on the horse. Often, the horse will wiggle and squirm while the rider is trying to get onto the horse and grab the reins. Other horses will move backward instead of forwards.

You shouldn’t be letting the horse wiggle and squirm when you want it to stay still or move backward when you want it to go forward. If you allow the horse to develop those bad habits, then there will be consequences that will follow. It can be inconvenient and even dangerous. The horse might bolt before the rider can get secured onto the saddle, which might cause them to fall off. These problems have reasons that they happen, and they can be helped too.

Horse Has A Sore Back

Many problems are because of the horse having a sore back. A sore back can be caused by many things, such as dental problems, sore feet, or skin lesions. You will have to conduct a careful diagnosis to find out the exact reason. The problem could be obvious or not at all. If the horse tenses muscles often, then those muscles will become tired and sore over time. A horse that isn’t fit might get back pain temporarily until you get them conditioned for what you want them to be doing. Saddles that don’t fit the horse well will cause the horse’s back to being sore while you’re riding. You can get the horse treatment from a chiropractor, which will help some of the back pain go away. While the horse is playing or working, strained muscles will cause the horse to suffer from back pain.

Horse Is Unbalanced

With young horses, getting unbalanced is a common occurrence. The young horse will learn how to gain proper balance as it learns and becomes more fit and coordinated. A horse can lose balance and start to wiggle and squirm in an attempt to regain balance. It will do that if the rider is heavy and gets onto the saddle awkwardly. So to make sure a horse doesn’t lose balance, the rider has to know how to get onto the saddle properly and they can try to use a mounting block to get onto the saddle easier.

Horse Is Unbalanced
Horse Is Unbalanced

Horse Is Used to The Rider’s Laziness

When a rider is lazy, they might let the horse get used to walking off before the rider is on the saddle and ready to ride. If the horse starts to move as soon as the rider gets onto them, then the horse is getting that lousy habit enforced. When the rider is getting on the horse, they should be telling the horse to stand still and don’t move while they’re preparing to ride on the saddle. They should ensure that they do this every time that they get onto the saddle since it’s challenging to enforce the habit. It’s essential to do your best and try not to slip out of practice.