A Horse-Riding Instructor

How To Be A Horse-Riding Instructor

Riding is a great sport, but it takes time to learn it. It is essential to find a good riding instructor in advance. This teacher needs considerable skills to bring his charges closer to the world of horses. Ideally, he will help with problems, develop the skills of his students, and show them how best to handle horses. Even an experienced rider learns how to handle horses every day. The companions of people have their personalities, but they are happy to get involved with their people. Horse and rider can only become a team together. A good riding instructor supports this process and welds the two together.

First The Stables

As a beginner, the world of horses is still alien. It is therefore essential to know in advance what you are getting. Anyone who has already found a suitable riding stable can now start looking for the right riding instructor. That shouldn’t be too difficult, because you already met some requirements when looking for the riding stable. Ultimately, he has to ensure that his animals live in a species-appropriate manner. The horses must find sufficiently large and clean stables. The space around the riding stable should allow them to run around freely with other horses. Forests in the immediate vicinity make riding easy. The riding instructor is now responsible for imparting knowledge of handling horses and the riding itself.

Technically And Personally OK

He needs sufficient professional qualifications to be able to carry out his profession. There are different levels of training for this. These are mostly specified and checked by equestrian associations. Every riding instructor can, therefore show relevant certificates that enable him to pass on his knowledge to beginners. But this only lays the foundation for a good riding instructor. It is much more important how he deals with his students and the horses in direct contact. Both need attention, patience and support in dealing with one another. A good riding instructor listens, supports and patiently passes on his knowledge. He deals with problems calmly and leads his protégés towards one another step by step. That creates a unity of humans and animals that trust each other and complement each other. Especially with beginners, everything is unfamiliar at the beginning. The unknown animal and the fear of doing something wrong can quickly lead to misunderstandings.


Observation Helps

Getting to know each other and riding for the first time is difficult for horse and rider. The riding instructor is friendly and shows both of them that there is no need to be upset. If you want to convince yourself of the qualities of your riding instructor, it is best to watch him from outside as a spectator during a riding lesson. So you can quickly see whether the style of the new riding instructor suits you. If he can motivate his protégés and challenge them at the same time, then he is the right choice. Friendly interaction with horse and human will quickly lead to the two being able to adjust to each other well. Then riding training becomes a pleasure. With the right riding instructor, you have bet on the right horse.