Getting Sore After An Equestrian Adventure? – Learn How to Avoid It

No matter if you’re starting in riding or have gone on many races on a saddle, you will most likely feel sore from being on the saddle. You may think that your soreness will fade away after a while, but some types of pain can’t be easily solved by waiting. Even if the soreness does lessen each time you ride, waiting won’t alleviate every type of soreness. Here are a few things to check so you can avoid soreness.

Check Your Position

The most important thing that you should do is check how you’re sitting on the horse. Usually, those who ride on horses have the inside of the knee area, and calves chafe. You will have to see if your sitting position is correct and if you’re swinging your legs. You can solve these problems by taking some riding lessons.

Check Your Clothing

The pants you have for riding may have inseams that are bulky, which may cause problems. Most people ride while wearing jeans whenever they ride, but the jeans may have seams that are thicker than what is comfortable. The riding gear that you should try needs to have a stretchiness to it.

Check Your Equipment

The problem you can have with your equipment is tack. You can get rubbed on or pinched by bulky buckles, stirrup leathers, the saddle flaps. If you can, try to change the buckles’ positions, and try to get leathers that aren’t as bulky. You should try wearing half chaps, which are similar to boots but without the part around your foot. They will prevent your calves from getting chafed, and it will give your leg proper support. There are a variety of different materials and styles of half chaps that are relatively inexpensive. If you visit a shop for tack consignment, you’ll find a bunch of items of high quality, including half chaps. If you’re going English riding, then you should be wearing tall boots. If you’re aiming for comfort, you should get leather boots, but if the weather isn’t too bad, then you’ll be okay with rubber boots.

If you are someone with long legs, then you might find your legs getting pinched right in between your tall boot’s tops and the saddle flaps. You could get boots custom-made, but it is an expensive option. As mentioned above, you can try to wear half chaps that are tall, so you won’t get pinched a lot for cheaper than getting a pair of boots customized for you. If you’re going to be riding English, then you can find English saddles that have more extended saddle flaps, but they will cost significantly more if you get one customized for your legs.You may feel your bottom bones having soreness when you are done going on a ride. Older saddles tend to be made harder and weren’t made for women to use, which causes soreness. You can try to get a seat cover or sheepskin pad that you can put on the saddle to give it padding that you may need.