Getting Back to Riding a Horse After a Trauma – Overcoming Fear

Very few activities can give the kind of thrill and the freeing experience that a good horse ride can. Watching a horse rider buzzing off at lightning speed and doing impressive tricks can make anyone envious. Horse riding is something that almost everyone wants to experience and master to perfection. Being a horse rider can be a bit dangerous at times, but if you take all the safety measures, and are well equipped with all the safety equipment needed for a horse rider, you’ll be right most of the times. Still, you never know how a ride can turn out to be, as it’s dependent on the horse’s mood.

Sometimes, you can get injured while horse riding due to falling from the horse, or any other reason. Coming out of an injury and attempting horse-riding again can be a challenging task for many riders. The trauma and fear of falling can hold you back from riding the horse again. To overcome this fear, you have to work on both your mental strength and horse-riding skills. But the most important aspect of coming back from trauma is confidence. A rider loses all his faith once he falls from the horse or gets injured.

Understanding Your Horse

Knowing the mentality of your horse is the most crucial part of horse riding. Many studies have shown that the horse feeds off from the confidence of his rider. If the horse sense that the rider is nervous and fearful, he also becomes agitated and starts panicking. So, when you’re riding the horse, always be confident and take charge of the horse. The horse has to follow your directions, not the other way around.

Positive visualization

How the rider visualizes his ride is what makes or breaks his confidence. If he’s full of fear and thinking about falling down or about the horse getting out of control, he’ll never be able to gain your confidence back. Once you calm down and reason that everything is in your control, and the ride is going to be enjoyable and secure, you’ll know the positive difference that the mind can make on your journey.

Work on your horse-riding skills

Another factor that is important when it comes to your confidence while riding a horse is your horse-riding skills. Maybe, it’s not about anything else, but just your horse-riding skills. All other factor doesn’t matter if you lack the essential skills. You can’t do everything with your mental strength. If you feel you lack the skills, go and practice on the track. Once you’re confident about your horse-riding skills, you’ll be more relaxed and positive.

Consult a psychologist

If fall from the horse was nasty, and you’re suffering from high-level anxiety and fear, you should take the help of a psychologist. You can’t push yourself much if you’re in deep concern; otherwise, the things can get worse. A professional psychologist knows about these mental situations better and has experience in treating them.