Common Mistakes Equestrian Beginners Make When Riding

Horse riding can make you feel like flying, but it can also turn into a horrible experience if you don’t do it properly, especially for the beginners. Riding a horse is not a very difficult or complicated thing to learn, but there are some common mistakes which most first-time horse riders make. look at some of the most common mistakes and how you can quickly fix them.

Placement of hands

The placement of the hands is an essential aspect of horse riding. New horse riders sometimes take their hands too high and end up being in a vulnerable position as the long reins are very hard to control. To keep this problem in check, you should follow the horse’s movements with the help of your core. Try to keep the tension of the reins as even and light as possible and if the horse pulls the reins loose, readjust them.

Gripping the horse with your legs

Due to the nervousness and the fear of falling, most beginners grip the horse tight with their legs, which can be exhausting and uncomfortable. There is also a risk of the horse getting agitated and running forward. Horse riding is about being relaxed and active, which helps the riders in maintaining the balance. Riders should just let their feet straight down from the hip on the saddle and shouldn’t move your legs inwards or outwards from thereon.

Gripping the horse
Gripping the horse


Slouching is another common mistake that the beginners make while riding the horse. It is because some riders are very conscious of their posture on the horse or they’re embarrassed because of their height. Imitating the cowboys from the movies might also be the reason to slouch, slouching make it difficult for the rider to control the horse and also affects the balance. New riders should sit straight up and relaxed. Eyes should be looking towards your path.

Holding the breath

New riders tend to hold their breath while riding the horse. It may be because of the tension or concentrating too hard on doing everything right. Holding the breath is never a good option doing most things, let alone horse riding. You can hum your favorite song or try to maintain rhythm during breathing. Also, laughing and smiling is always the best option while you’re stressed out.

Not looking straight

When the new riders get to see and observe a horse for the first time, they can get fascinated with it. They also get nervous about the mood of the horse and feel like keeping a close eye on the horse. Whatever may the reason, looking continuously at your horse can turn out to be a big mistake as it stiffens your body and also take off your eyes are off your path. Looking towards the way is always the best option while riding anything, be it a horse or a car.

Safety gear

Above all, having safety gear is an essential part of horse riding. Never try to ride a horse with a proper helmet and proper riding footwear. Riding the horse without the appropriate safety gear is the biggest mistake a horse rider can make, and there is no fixation for this mistake.